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Considering investing in a stove? 

In these tough economic times, households are dealing with two fundamental issues, the ever rising costs of heating their home and an obligation to run there homes in the most eco friendly manner as possible. As a result of these pressing issues we have found that many house holds are now choosing to heat their homes using a multifuel/woodburning stove which is able to provide a solution to both of these not to mention the asthetic value of having such an impressive, endearing and rewarding feature as a permanent part of their home life.

There are certain considerations to be made when installing a stove, firstly you must assertain whether this a feasable option for a household to invest.  Using our many years of experience in this field we hope to answer this question on your behalf, explain the reasons and present you with some advice on the most suitable type and size of stove. We will always be happy to offer independent advice on your individual circumstances without obligation.

Cost is one of the fundamental reasons why households will choose to have a wood burning stove intstalled. With the cost of Gas and fuel rising and the seemingly harsher winter climates, homes in the UK are looking for an alternative to being held hostage to the large fuel providers and their subsequent increasing charges for fuel.  So is a stove is a solution to saving not only your pocket but the environment too.  This section lays out some considerations and advice for those contemplating adding a stove to their home.


Stoves are extremely efficient and as their already innovative design continues to improve so does their output comparable with cost.

Although an open fire has obvious attractions it cannot begin to compete with the efficiency of a stove. An open fire tends to run at an average of 25% efficiency.

Compare this to even a basic stove which will typically run at around 76% efficiency. This is due to the huge volumes of heat which will be lost through the chimney. In addition to this, when the fire place is not lit you can expect your room to be continue to loose heat through the chimney.

A good gas fire will tend to run at around 45% with the top ranges managing around 70% efficiency

As you can see neither of these common heating methods can compete with the statistics and savings you can expect from a woodburning stove.
As a result of the monetary savings when compared with alternative methods of heating the costs of fitting a woodburing stove can be recovered within as little as 3 years. Once your stove has paid for itself you can then enjoy the benefits and continued savings for many years to come, a well maintained, good quality stove such asMorsoe or Hunter should last in excess of 10 years.
The Asthetics

The technology within modern stoves is constantly developing and today most stoves incorporate clean-burn technology. With the cleanburn or cleanheat system the gases created when the wood is burnt are circulated back into the stove and burnt off. This increases heat and reduces emissions. This means stoves can be installed in certain areas where open fires are banned. The other benefit of this is that it keeps your glass clear allowing you to view the flames inside, offering you maximum efficency and heat output throughout.

Wood Suppy

Wood is a renewable energy source and is the original carbon-neutral fuel. Although it releases carbon dioxide when it’s burning, the amount given off is the same as the tree absorbed when it was alive. If the tree was left to rot in the woods it would produce the same amount of carbon emissions as are released by burning it. Allowing you to enjoy a cosy warm home with no cost to the environment.
Beyond the practical advantages of owning a stove, a big part of the appeal is the romance, comfort and warming presence of it slowly burning on a cold winters night.

To get the best from your logs you should aim to dry your wood for about a year to remove most of the moisture from the logs. Setting up a sheltered storage system is simple and will keep you well stocked.  Stovedesigns will be happy to advise on this and install if required. 

You can alternatively buy seasoned logs at a price of around £40 per tonne (soft wood) or £50 per tonne (hard wood - burns hotter) from a  local supplier. 

If you burn wood in your stove regularly it is recommended you have your chimney swept in the Autumn before you begin to use it daily. This will increase your stoves performance. You will prolong the life of you liner if you have one installed.
At the end of each heating season, as well having your chimney swept, your stove should undergo an annual service which will include stripping, inspecting and cleaning the appliance. We are happy to service your stove and replace any worn out parts if they are required.

For many people searching for or building a new home a stove is often a must have, its green, it saves money, it keeps you warm and it looks great.  Therefore you can also expect your stove to add value and desirability to any home when it comes to selling and buying.

If you have any questions regarding installing a stove in your home then please do not hesitate to call us, we will always be happy to answer any of your questions and give impartial advice using our many years of experience and knowledge of the stoves available.

We look forward to helping you create the perfect stove and heating system for your home, installing quickly so that you can start saving money straight away.

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